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Esperance Residential College

welcome to the Newly Upgraded Esperance Residential College

Esperance Residential College - Back Lawn looking West

“95.65% Good or Better
than Good”

Esperance Residential College is located in the beautiful Bay of Isles on the south coast of West Australia. Esperance has a population of 14000 and is a major centre for agriculture, tourism, fishing, and the regional port for the shipping of iron ore, nickel and grain.

Esperance Residential College operates from the Education precinct known as the Esperance Community Education Campus, as a State Government educational facility in close partnership with the Esperance Senior High School and Curtin University.

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Residential College to has new lease on life

Esperance Residential College - Senior Boys Wing Common Area

The College first started in 1968 as St Andrews Hostel and was run under the control of the Anglican Church. In 1975 the State Government took over control of the College and it has eventually become known as the Esperance Residential College.

Recent College upgrades include:

2010 Additions include new road around rear of College, 12 new single rooms, 2 new ablutions and one new two bedroom house. The removal of four transportable buildings. Value 1.8 million.

2014 The College has received a total of 13.4 million towards extensions including four new staff houses, 44 new single rooms, a new entrance (entrance to be south facing) additional ablutions, refurbishment of kitchen, dining and recreation space. This will increase our capacity to 112 and was completed in 2013.

2015 Royalties for Regions funding is secured to replace 1968 dormitory in male end with 23 new single rooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 lounges and refurbishment of the double and older single rooms. This will enable the College to have a capacity of 114 of which 94 will be in single rooms.

Esperance Residential College - Single Bedroom

The College provides students with access to the Esperance Senior High School and has been providing country students with a safe and secure environment for over forty years. The College is very affordable, particularly for those students eligible for financial assistance through the Assistance for Isolated Children’s Scheme.

If you want more information, a tour of facilities or wish to enrol your child please call on 90719666 or visit the College website In the meantime, staff from the College will be visiting schools throughout the region shortly and parents are more than welcome to meet with staff at these time.

Updated Download plans which spell out the future direction for the College. PDF Document 741 KB

Overview of Esperance Residential College

Students attending the College have access to excellent educational choices as part of a vibrant and growing  regional area.

Esperance consistently has students achieving at the highest levels. For  example it has a 95% success rate in year 12’s completing TEE and attaining a university place, was  successful in winning the annual National Tournament of the Minds (finalist each year since 1991), two students winning a prestigious John Curtin scholarship and numerous first places at Agricultural shows and sporting events.

Our priority is to make sure that the students at Esperance Residential College access the many choices on offer.

As such the College offers students  24-hour  supervision, tutors in all subject areas, computer links to High school and Curtin databases, access to 24-hour library, music rooms, state of art entertainment systems, excellent sporting facilities and many opportunities to access the beautiful surrounds of Esperance for activities.

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student concerns & complaints

Student Comlaint System

It's ok to have concerns and complaints about what might happen at school or where you are living during the school year.

Parents / carers are always a first option for you to talk with about your concerns. However, we understand that there may be times when you want help from someone else.

We've complied a document to help you know who to contact, so you get the right help at the right time. Download Sudent Concerns & Complaints PDF Document 130 KB

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Please Contact Esperance Residential College as soon as possible.