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  • Come to Esperance Residential College
  • A great Place to live
  • A great place to learn
  • A Great place to make friends
  • In a safe supervised environment
  • With Outstanding Modern facilities
  • Innovative and Progressive
  • Offering A Wide Range of Choices
  • For you to Achieve your Potential
  • in An Atmosphere of Mutual Respect
  • Fun and a spirit of goodwill
Come to Esperance Residential College1 A great Place to live2 A great place to learn3 A Great place to make friends4 In a safe supervised environment5 With Outstanding Modern facilities6 Innovative and Progressive7 Offering A Wide Range of Choices8 For you to Achieve your Potential9 in An Atmosphere of Mutual Respect10 Fun and a spirit of goodwill11

The College's 40th Year Anniversary!

Saturday 28th August 2008 - Opening the Time Capsule

Past students, staff, parents and board members will be invited to the college on Saturday 23rd August 2008; to open our 'time Capsule', share a few stories and catch up with old friends.

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Some College History

The College originally started off as an Anglican boarding school in 1968. A College Warden and his wife provided the supervision of students and lived at the rear of the Hostel in the Warden’s College. We've had the children of some of those students in the College over the years and there may be their grandchildren still to come.

There have been numerous upgrades and extensions since then, no longer do students live in dorms of twenty, but are more likely to be on rooms of four,or three or in a single room. The last major work done four years ago re roofed the College and turned an unattractive foyer into a vaulted open space with lots of natural light and views across to the Junior Campus.

And progress continues, we have had a submission in the last two State budgets and again in this year’s May Budget to upgrade the College to 144 rooms, 78 of which will be single rooms for year 10 to 12 students. Years 8 and 9 will still have shared rooms with fewer in them giving them to learn social skills and co operative community living before advancing to a single room.

The Hostel came under the umbrella of the Country high Hostels Authority in 1975 which is a Statutory Authority within the Dept. of Education and Training and it has its own Director and its own budget. There are now 10 Colleges within this organisation which range from Esperance to Broome. There is a probability of other Colleges being built where there is a need to house remote and rural students.  


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Esperance Residential College, the Esperance Senior High School and the Southern Regional TAFE, are all situated on the Esperance Community College campus and work in partnership to meet the education needs of people in the Esperance region. Read More..

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